Dear Customer:

We understand that the Covid 19 pandemic and its evolution in Canada has caused anxiety, fear, many questions and has disrupted both people’s individual lives and businesses.

We wanted to reach out at this time to update you on our corporate response to this developing situation and while we understand the situation is fluid and further measures may be necessary in future this is how we stand currently:

Last week we asked all employees with children to work from home during the March break and subsequent extended school closures and to do their best to avoid crowds and unnecessary travel or exposure. All employees falling into the higher risk category were urged to work from home. Our warehouse employees were moved to staggered shifts and equipped with gloves, masks and plenty of disinfectant.

As of this Monday we have decided to move all office personnel to telecommuting. Our phone lines are forwarded so you can still dial the extension of the person you are seeking and you will be automatically forwarded to their mobile device. We have closed the building to entry by anyone other than our warehouse staff but our systems remain operational.

At this time we are still taking and filling orders, and are still in a very good position with inventory levels that are readily available to support your daily business requirements.

We are taking care to disinfect packaging surfaces of all inbound shipments. We have resupplied our inventory of N95 Masks and protective gloves by flying product in from abroad in order to ensure everyone is protected.

Customers requiring pick up of orders are required to remain beyond the entry cage. Nobody with a cough or presenting symptoms will be served directly. We hope you understand these measures are to ensure the protection of everyone, our staff, our customers and by extension our communities.

We have taken these measures not only for our staff and clients but also to do our part in slowing the spread of this aggressive virus and allowing our health care system to be better able to deal with the influx of cases progressively and over time rather than as a sudden dramatic spike. We have seen what has happened in other countries where action was taken too slowly and we strongly feel we need to do our part in social distancing to ‘flatten the curve’.

We urge you all to stay safe and stay calm. Panic is not necessary and does not serve us well. It is a good time to think of each other and make sure that those in society most at risk are protected.

Should this situation change and our response escalate we will advise you immediately but at the moment despite our front office closure and careful procedures in the warehouse business goes on as usual.

We wish you well and look forward to a return to normality in the near future.

Daniele Ponzi
VP, Business Development
Roberto Sicilia
Director of Sales