LED 5 Year Limited Warranty

Illuminex LED products are warranted for five (5) years from the date of purchase (from) defects in material or workmanship. In the case of products where the LED module is replaceable, Illuminex may choose to supply a replacement module to the customer rather than replacing the entire luminaire. Illuminex shall be the sole decision maker as to whether to repair or replace a product, and reserves the right to inspect any product claimed as defective to determine if said defect falls under warranty.

Warranty is void if defect is caused by

  1. Substandard installation or operation of the product.
  2. Move, drop, water seepage, or scoring.
  3. Damage created by a force factor, such as fire, earthquake, thunder, and lightning, etc.
  4. Warranty is void if product(s) altered or modified from manufacturer’s original configuration, setting or specification of if improperly installed or installed in a location for which this product is not rated or recommended

Illuminex assumes no responsibility for any

  1. Labour costs involved with replacement and re-installation of products assumed to be defective.
  2. Incidental or consequential damages associated with a warranty claim.

To make a warranty claim or return* proof of purchase will be required.

*Restocking fee applies to all returns. Please contact your sales representative or customer service for complete terms and conditions.