Dear Customer:

Illuminex LED is remaining open during the 14 day closure or until further notice.

The Province of Ontario released the list of Essential Businesses last night that are exempt from the Lockdown. The list includes electricians and the building and construction trade.

It also includes The Supply Chain, which is any business providing products or services required by Essential Business. Illuminex LED is deemed part of the Supply Chain as our products make their way through distribution to electrical contractors, builders and contractors who are all, for now, exempt from lockdown.

While all our office staff continue to work from home our systems and phones remain integrated so we can process your inquiries, orders and other administrative transactions seamlessly. Our warehouse remains operation under the same strict safety guidelines outlined in our previous news release. The building is closed to outsiders, clients or couriers coming for a pick up of goods must remain behind the safety cage. Inbound shipments are meticulously sprayed and disinfected as are our premises and all staff and transport drivers must maintain the mandatory 6 foot distance from each other. Our staff are required to wear protective masks and gloves both for the protection of our employees and our community at large.

We deem this situation to be fluid and likely to change as the Covid 19 situation evolves in Ontario and Canada therefore we will continue to monitor it and act accordingly. We will keep you apprised of any changes. In the meantime we are operational, safe and have ample inventory to serve your requirements.

Best Regards.

Daniele Ponzi
VP, Business Development
Roberto Sicilia
Director of Sales